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0009904New issuesSynchronizationpublic2018-09-30 14:13
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Summary0009904: Dimension of team element is only synced on connect

If a team is created server side and the team element is set to a different dimension, the client side team element stays in dimension 0
If you reconenct, the client side team element is in the right dimension.

Steps To Reproduce

srun test=createTeam("testteam")
srun setElementDimension(test,666)
crun getElementDimension(getTeamFromName("testteam"))
Command results: 0 [number]


crun getElementDimension(getTeamFromName("testteam"))
Command results: 666 [number]

Additional Information

MTA:SA Server v1.5.5-release-12010 , client v1.5.5-release-12363

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