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0009899New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-07-22 16:15
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Summary0009899: Add ability to use regex in <file> [meta.xml]

Would be nice to have some kind of regex ability in that meta.xml tag, because it just sucks to write everything in.
There should be also an 'exclude' TAG(because you may not want to copy-paste some files) to exclude the files with which regex matches, but we dont want to include them.
The 'all selector' should work(in regex its a ., that should be replaced somehow to *) too.

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has duplicate 0009392 closedmyonlake Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Add support PCRE in meta.xml for files 



2018-07-07 11:35

reporter   ~~0026640

I tested this and worked pretty nice
insted of regex, i added "directory" tag, but every restart, resource need to be reloaded ( can couse lags )
Its better to make option to get files and dirs and build meta.xml with this.

here's commit with this change


2018-07-22 16:15

administrator   ~~0026828

Preparation for Github move: Either already resolved or won't fix.

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