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0009835New issuesMulti Theft Auto : Resourcespublic2018-04-05 19:49
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Summary0009835: [scoreboard] dxscoreboard_countries.lua throws two server-side errors if admin resource is not running

[gameplay]/scoreboard/dxscoreboard_countries.lua:18 and [gameplay]/scoreboard/dxscoreboard_countries.lua:23 would throw server-side errors if the admin resource was not running.

ERROR: scoreboard\dxscoreboard_countries.lua:18: exports: Call to non-running server resource (admin) [string "?"]
ERROR: scoreboard\dxscoreboard_countries.lua:23: exports: Call to non-running server resource (admin) [string "?"]

I will have a PR waiting on the GitHub repository with this issue ID on it.

Steps To Reproduce

1) start scoreboard
2) notice the two errors pop up in the server console
3) panic

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