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Summary0009834: Main world not loading sometimes when respawning after dying in an interior

This bug has been around for 10 years but as it was always very rare I just reconnected to fix it. But it has been happening a lot recently due to a script change and I have now found a way to reproduce this bug every time. You respawn back to interior 0 but it's like you're still in the interior (can see player nametags but can't see anything) even though both server and client is returning interior 0.

Start default local server with play + runcode.
srun setElementInterior(getRandomPlayer(), 1)
crun setElementHealth(localPlayer, 1)
crun addEventHandler("onClientPlayerDamage", localPlayer, function() setElementHealth(localPlayer, 1) setElementHealth(localPlayer, 1) end )
Kill yourself with a fall from jetpack
You respawn but it's like you're still in the interior, I respawned at grove street and can just see those doors that open in SP.

Note that the line that reproduces the bug has setElementHealth(localPlayer, 1) twice, for some reason it only happens when setElementHealth is called twice.

If you then do: srun setElementInterior(getRandomPlayer(), 1)
Your ped will reappear.
Then if you do: srun setElementInterior(getRandomPlayer(), 0)
Everything will be back to normal.

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