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0009816New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-11-13 22:13
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Summary0009816: [Request] Add onMenu event

I have a full-screen CEGUI window that has an always-on-top property. Some users accidentally activate MTA menu while viewing this GUI but the window still appears on top. Having the menu active disables all click events so the window can no longer be closed. If players do not realize that MTA menu is active, they will get stuck and have to force close MTA.
Adding this event would allow the script to hide the window. I understand that it is already possible to achieve this using timers or render events but I am looking for an optimal way. The event should fire every time a menu is opened or closed.

Other options:
Do not let anything overlay the main menu
Allow to bind the escape key

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2018-02-04 02:44

administrator   ~~0026420

Hmm, that's odd, The resource-created GUIs shouldn't be overlaying the MTA menu.

I don't think this always used to happen - can someone confirm whether this is a recent issue?


2018-02-04 09:15

developer   ~~0026421

You can reproduce this issue with the admin resource:

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