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Summary0009795: [Request] Enable oop by default

Greetings MTA developers,

When oop was introduced into MTA, I've began to adapt to it and I've been making many object-orientated scripts since then.
Now, I would love to promote object-oriented programming more in the MTA community by providing examples on the wiki and helping people on the forums. I can show them small code examples if they need help with something and write it with oop in mind, instead writing everything the classic way because they probably won't have it enabled in their script.

I've been thinking about reasons why it's disabled by default then I thought that maybe in the past people might have been using names in their functions that match some of the new oop functions, but then again I realised that even if they did, there's is no way that it can interfere with the new functions because they were defined right there in their scripts. As you know any default function can be overwritten.

So, please take the time to consider enabling oop by default, as this will help promote oop more and make scripting for MTA easier for everyone.

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2017-12-31 23:35

developer   ~~0026373

This would effectively break sandbox scripts, which override MTA functions before loading 'external' scripts.


2018-01-02 03:53

administrator   ~~0026376

Please can you elaborate on how this will:

  1. promote OOP more, and
  2. make scripting for MTA easier for everyone

Furthermore, is there anything else you think we can do to:

  1. improve the OOP API (or its documentation)?
  2. make the OOP API more prominent in the wiki?


2018-01-03 17:19

manager   ~~0026382

Perhaps your forum help posts should begin with "Make sure OOP is enabled in the meta.xml: <oop>true</oop>"

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