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0009701New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-07-08 07:48
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Summary0009701: fixVehicle() in onClientVehicleCollision crashes client if vehicle is blown

fixVehicle() doesn't appear to do a check on whether the vehicle provided is blown/exploded. This can obviously be avoided in Lua by checking with isVehicleBlown() - however it can cause client crashes if not checked.

A solution / better approach would be to check for this and produce a debug output to tell them what's wrong.

Check this topic for all the information you need.

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2017-08-13 13:28

reporter   ~~0026140

I'm sorry but the suggested solution is just ridiculous because this would make it impossible to repair blown vehicles, which currently works like a charm in any normal situation. You must have hit some edge case... combination of game events and actions taken inside them, which are together causing a crash for some reason.

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