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0009582New issuesScriptingpublic2018-07-24 03:25
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Summary0009582: isVehicleOnGround always returns false on Airplanes.

It always returns false on Airplanes like (AT-400).

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2017-03-29 20:08: iBlack.NexT (EUR 1)
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related to 0008672 closed Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas isVehicleOnGround returns false on some vehicles upside down 
related to 0007880 closed Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas isVehicleOnGround always returns false for Monsters 



2017-03-29 23:51

reporter   ~~0025787

Related with

Another bug report about it:

isVehicleOnGround is known to have bugs and i recommend simply not to use it.


2017-04-02 16:57

viewer   ~~0025793

Use getGroundPosition instead and compare the distance with your vehicle/airplane


2018-07-24 03:18

updater   ~~0026863

Unable to reproduce on server nor client-side in Multi Theft Auto v1.5.5-release-13771.

Fix would've occurred here:

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