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0009404New issuesScriptingpublic2016-12-05 14:45
Reportereinheit-101Assigned Toqaisjp 
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Summary0009404: setEffectDensity() outputs "density out of bounds" debug message on some clients

I dont have this problem, most other clients dont have this problem either. But one of my friends gets a "density out of bounds" error message as soon as their PC uses setEffectDensity() with a density over 1.

Steps To Reproduce

Unknown. Come to my server and watch for example player "HAWK" getting this debug.

Additional Information

Better remove that debug info completely, its useless and causes this annoying debug spam.

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duplicate of 0009235 closedmyonlake New Feature Requests [Request] setEffectDensity() to max instead of "density out of bounds" debug 



2016-12-05 14:31

reporter   ~~0025467

Close this, for some reason I posted this twice and the other bug report is better written + has steps to reproduce

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