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Summary0009235: [Request] setEffectDensity() to max instead of "density out of bounds" debug

setEffectDensity can return a debug warning about "density out of bounds" when a player has low graphics settings set, instead of a debug warning it should just set it to the max that it can for that graphic setting level.

Steps To Reproduce

local x, y, z = getElementPosition(localPlayer)
local effect = createEffect("camflash", x, y, z, 0, 0, 0, 300)
setEffectDensity (effect, 2)

Will debug if playing using low or medium video setting.

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has duplicate 0009404 closedqaisjp New issues setEffectDensity() outputs "density out of bounds" debug message on some clients 



2016-12-06 01:25

administrator   ~~0025472

1) Run and see if any GTA files are non-standard.
2) Compare Settings->Video tab


2016-12-07 20:17

reporter   ~~0025475

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My MTA Diag:

His MTA Diag:

My first guess would be low FX Quality causing it, i try it and minimize my Video settings like he did (What a shame) and report back


2016-12-07 20:31

reporter   ~~0025476

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Video settings - max effect density
Low ---------- 1
Medium ----- 1.5
High --------- 2
Very High --- 2

My current workaround:

local maxDensity = 2
function onStart()
if not setEffectDensity(createEffect("camflash", 0, 0, 0), maxDensity) then
maxDensity = 1
addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, onStart)

This will still cause 1 warning when the resource starts for users with low settings but users with decent PCs can sill use density 2 on their machines without suffering from scripts that are written for toasters.


2016-12-20 17:45

manager   ~~0025517

This isn't a bug then, but really it should just set it to whatever is the max allowed on their PC rather than giving the debug, so I've changed this to a request.


2019-01-20 13:57

reporter   ~~0027105

Moved to

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