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0008790Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasSynchronizationpublic2018-09-05 17:51
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Summary0008790: Using setElementHealth on a dead ped makes it invincible

The only way to respawn a ped is with setElementHealth yet after calling setElementHealth on a dead ped, the server still thinks isPedDead == true. You can't damage the ped any more even though getElementHealth == 100.

Edit: Do this after calling setElementHealth: setElementSyncer(a, true) and the ped will be able to take damage again, but onPedWasted isn't triggered.

Steps To Reproduce

crun setElementPosition(localPlayer, 1968, -2033, 13)
srun a = createPed(0, 1967, -2025, 13)
-- Kill the ped
srun isPedDead(a) -- true
srun setElementHealth(a, 100)
srun isPedDead(a) -- true (should be false)
-- Shoot the ped, it won't take damage

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2017-11-06 19:21

reporter   ~~0026262

How should it be changed:
Should MTA check, if the ped is dead, and don't set the HP when it's true?
Or should the ped get respawned when he was dead?

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