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0008732New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-09-03 17:44
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Summary0008732: [Request] Functions to retrieve colshape parameters

getColShapeType, getColShapeSize, getColShapePoints etc. Would be useful if we could do it (to visualise colshapes with scripts, to create colshape editors and do other cool stuff).

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2015-01-21 23:56

administrator   ~~0022902

Use setDebugMode function + "showcol 1" command to visualize colshapes.


2015-01-22 13:24

viewer   ~~0022905

OKAY, then please give an example how to get colshape size in script with THESE, e.g. get colcube size and resize it 3 units wider and 6 units taller.


2015-01-22 19:09

viewer   ~~0022906

There is a workaround, set element data to the colshape and use that to save the type, size and what so ever. Just know that colshapes are not able to be clicked on by a cursor because they are not real elements. ;)


2015-01-22 19:40

viewer   ~~0022907

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If you know their position and size you could easily calculate whether or not your cursor is over one of them.


2018-07-16 00:55

updater   ~~0026705

For future reference getColShapeType PR is here (merged):

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