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0008672Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasClientpublic2018-09-16 16:42
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Summary0008672: isVehicleOnGround returns false on some vehicles upside down

What the title says.


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related to 0009582 closedqaisjp New issues isVehicleOnGround always returns false on Airplanes. 



2014-12-09 07:30

viewer   ~~0022648

Some vehicles return false even being on wheels.


2014-12-09 09:36

viewer   ~~0022649

Do you know a work-around for this?


2014-12-09 13:06

viewer   ~~0022652

You can use vehicle bounding box as the size of the vehicle for that. Use IsLineOfSightClear and remove checks for vehicles and players. It's also possible to add 1-2 meters to the box to see if the vehicle is actually on wheels or anywhere else.


2014-12-23 12:45

reporter   ~~0022720

It just happened here with a Rhino. It returned true then i jumped over a cliff. While in air it returned false but after landing on the wheels it still returned false. I fixed it by jumping again. After the second landing it returned true. Never seen this issue before but that is the answer why one of my scripts randomly stops working sometimes.


2014-12-26 18:37

administrator   ~~0022724

In this particular case I would expect this. i think this should be a wontfix.
Just do a processLineOfSight with the target z being decremented by one unit.


2014-12-26 20:23

reporter   ~~0022726

If this won`t get a fix, "isVehicleOnGround" is useless and should be deprecated imo.


2015-07-05 20:17

manager   ~~0023552

Confirmed with a Securicar:

-- Enter Securicar
crun setElementRotation(localPlayer.vehicle, 0, 180, 0) setElementPosition(localPlayer.vehicle, -2247, -713, 68)
crun isVehicleOnGround(localPlayer.vehicle)

Multi Theft Auto v1.5-release-7323

It applies to some vehicles, but not others. Possibly because the tyres are far away from the ground and that's what it's using the check if on ground?

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