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0008668Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasScriptingpublic2018-09-11 23:21
ReporterSebihunterAssigned Tomyonlake 
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Product Version1.4 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0008668: Crash: attaching a truck-trailer to a towtruck

when using attachTrailerToVehicle to attach a truck-trailer to a towtruck GTA crashes

Steps To Reproduce

attaching a trailer to a towtruck via attachTrailerToVehicle

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2014-12-05 17:52

viewer   ~~0022633

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I also experienced a crash when attaching a exploded vehicle to a towtruck. It worked fine (althrough the exploded vehicle exploded continously without damaging the environment) until this crash showed up:

Version = 1.4-release-6948.0.000
Time = Fri Dec 05 17:49:14 2014
Module = D:\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\proxy_sa.exe
Code = 0xC0000005
Offset = 0x002B2296

EAX=00863C40 EBX=00300000 ECX=0EAC80B8 EDX=00000004 ESI=0EAC80B8
EDI=3F800000 EBP=00080000 ESP=0028FC7C EIP=66253A73 FLG=00210246
CS=0023 DS=002B SS=002B ES=002B FS=0053 GS=002B



2014-12-05 18:00

updater   ~~0022634

I think, it's related to the known towtruck crashes :)


2014-12-24 04:08

updater   ~~0022722

Create a linerunner near the position -1315.29041, 25.49265, 14.14844
Attach a gas trailer to the linerunner
change the linerunner to towtruck.
If you are not the driver of the linerunner and you are near it, it crashes:

Version = 1.4-release-6980.0.000
Time = Wed Dec 24 04:02:41 2014
Module = C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\gta_sa.exe
Code = 0xC0000005
Offset = 0x002AC57C

EAX=0028FC38 EBX=00000000 ECX=14C396F8 EDX=00863C40 ESI=14C38CE0
EDI=00000220 EBP=00000000 ESP=0028FBE4 EIP=206E6565 FLG=00010202
CS=0023 DS=002B SS=002B ES=002B FS=0053 GS=002B

If you are the driver of the linerunner, the camera position changes to some awsome position but it does not crash.


2018-07-22 01:29

updater   ~~0026790

Able to reproduce in Multi Theft Auto v1.5.5-release-13182.

<pre>Version = 1.5.5-release-13182.0.000
Time = Sun Jul 22 02:27:36 2018
Module = Q:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto San Andreas\gta_sa.exe
Code = 0xC0000005
Offset = 0x002AC57C

EAX=0177FC30 EBX=00000000 ECX=0F7E5FD0 EDX=00863C40 ESI=0F7E55B8
EDI=00000220 EBP=00000000 ESP=0177FBDC EIP=206E6565 FLG=00010202
CS=0023 DS=002B SS=002B ES=002B FS=0053 GS=002</pre>

I'll look into it. I believe we should force detach of any trailers that do not belong there.


2018-08-04 20:28

updater   ~~0026902

I've opened a branch for this

It fixes the crash but it doesn't set the position of the trailer properly yet... causing desync.

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