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Summary0008522: Motorbikes spin out of control when warping them to places which are streamed out

I discovered this bug some time ago when I was doing a script to teleport motorbikes inside interiors. I used a Lua workaround with timers and the setElementFrozen function to prevent this, but I think it would be nice to fix this for consistency (this only happens with bikes).

What this 'bug' basically does is spin out motorbikes with great force in an uncontrollable manner, like the summary says. Using setVehicleVelocity and setVehicleTurnVelocity have no effect at all and motorbike's occupants fall out of the bike if they can.

Steps To Reproduce

Create a script which teleports a motorbike occupied by you into a interior (or far away exterior position) which is streamed out. To see this bug more clearly make sure the bike is teleported to a position which is nearby the ground.

Additional Information

I think that this bug is caused due to the "detachables positions" of the bike not being set correctly (they use different memory adresses). According to , "we need to recalculate and set their locations if we warp a car from one location to another. Otherwise the car spins uncontrollably". These are the memory offsets, if you find them useful:

+1532 = BikeDetachPosAdr(0)
+1632 = BikeDetachPosAdr(1)
+1676 = BikeDetachPosAdr(2)
+1720 = BikeDetachPosAdr(3)
+1764 = BikeDetachPosAdr(4)
+1828 = CarDetachPosAdr(0)
+1872 = CarDetachPosAdr(1)
+1916 = CarDetachPosAdr(2)
+1960 = CarDetachPosAdr(3)

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