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0008482New issuesClientpublic2018-09-27 20:19
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Platform64-bitOSWindowsOS Version8.1 Pro
Summary0008482: MTA internal functions returning NaN values

I am running a script, which gets the position coordinates from getPedTargetCollision and getPedTargetEnd and sometimes passing directly those positions to another MTA function (examples: dxDrawLine3D, createMarker) I get this: "WARNING: resource/client.lua:line: Bad argument @ 'dxDrawLine3D' [Expected number, got NaN]

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related to 0004504 closed Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Peds shooting incorrectly 



2014-08-25 23:56

viewer   ~~0021865

I can confirm that there is issue with NaN's. Had to check for NaN's to avoid warnings.


Never had warnings with earlier MTA versions


2014-08-26 07:18

viewer   ~~0021866

I wouldn't trust your code. It does a lot of transformations and might do a calculation mistake. The thing I am talking about is getting NaN values from internal functions.


2014-08-27 01:16

manager   ~~0021873

I've got a script which:

local x, y, z = getPedWeaponMuzzlePosition(plr)
local x2, y2, z2 = getPedTargetEnd(plr)
dxDrawLine3D(x, y, z, x2, y2, z2, color, 1, false)

and it's said NaN for 3 frames just now and once or twice before so it does happen but it's extremely rare.


2014-08-27 02:03

viewer   ~~0021874

Well the point is, these transformations worked fine earlier, Grafu.


2014-08-27 02:18

administrator   ~~0021875

What numbers do you get if you dump all the data whenever it is NaN? Does it occur randomly or does it only occur with certain inputs/outputs


2014-08-27 09:20

viewer   ~~0021878

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Caught a NaN from getPedTargetEnd: -1.#IND

Sometimes getting this as x position, sometimes as y and sometimes as both. Yeah, it occurs with the input 'localPlayer'.


2014-09-21 15:02

manager   ~~0022036

Just thought I'd mention that this is similar to when these functions would return values like 2347835718234 which meant that processLineOfSight would freeze the game for an hour.

Also an efficient check for NaNs (you can put it in bone_attach):

not string.find(objx..objy..objz..offrx..offry..offrz, "#")


2014-11-24 14:17

manager   ~~0022585

Need a list of these functions.

getPedTargetEnd is definitely one of them.


2016-03-30 12:27

reporter   ~~0024575

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€DIT: onClientPlayerWeaponFire hitX, hitY or hitZ confirmed to return NaN, very rare. I get the NaN debug in getWaterLevel(hx, hy, hz)

I will investigate this further


2016-03-30 13:49

viewer   ~~0024576

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It is very common to get a nan value when you divide a number value by zero.

The function getPedTargetEnd will be (nan or nil) when the player isn't aiming correctly. Depending on the scenario.


2016-03-31 02:12

reporter   ~~0024577

I caught it freshly here:

addEventHandler ( "onClientPlayerWeaponFire", root, gunfire )


2017-05-13 16:27

reporter   ~~0025943

I have a skin here, where "getPedBonePosition" returns nan (ind) every 2nd frame onClientPreRender for all xyz positions, at least for bone 3. Very Strange.


2017-05-13 22:33

manager   ~~0025944

Modded skin? It could be a buggy skin mod. I remember a similar problem which I think was related to a buggy skin that returned a super huge number (or inf) I guess from getPedBonePosition which then caused a script using processLineOfSight / isLineOfSightClear to freeze for many minutes because it was processing this extremely long distance. So a distance limit was added.


2017-05-13 22:43

reporter   ~~0025945

Yes, its a modded skin, however I don't know why it is causing that issue since it is pretty much like all other skins. I am already re-rigging it to prevent this bug from happening, however even fine skins can still randomly return nan.

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