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Summary0008456: MTA freezing, related to BASS/voice playback

Since this commit:
has fixed big part of all BASS-related freezes, it returned but now seems to be related to voice playback as it's also handled by BASS.

I have heard many about MTA freezing up when voice was used and speech came on servers using voice. As for myself, it happened once on latest 1.3.5 and it was checked by ccw, to find it being related to voice playback.

Today it happened again, on 1.4, on a server without any custom bitrate setting, where the freeze before (1.3.5) could have been affected by applied bitrates.

Client 6805 on a server r6801

as i'm known with the method capturing freeze causes with a debug.txt, i caused an crash once it froze up, instead of being left with no trace but to close it using taskmanager.

the crashdump containing possible cause at hangpoint: see attachment (priv)

Additional Information

Not sure if this specific freeze was related to voice playback but i'm nearly sure as it voice-looped on hanging, at the exact time speech came

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