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0008229New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-09-03 17:45
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Summary0008229: [Request] Voice Input & Sound Output in Settings > Audio

Voice input device dropdown menu auto-detecting plugged in microphones, and a function for servers/clients to determinate whether someone has a microphone or not, and if it's disabled [Disable microphone tickbox in settings, maybe]. Also, an Audio Output dropdown to select which device to use. E.g: getting MTA sounds onto a headset and GTA SFX in through speakers. I'd like to see at least some of what I requested in v1.4 or earlier.

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has duplicate 0006361 closedmyonlake New Feature Requests [Request] Add a "Recording device" option 
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2014-05-07 18:32

manager   ~~0020854

Settings menu is getting an overhaul. I'm still planning/designing it, but I do have a Voice tab right now.


2014-05-09 16:40

administrator   ~~0020855

One thing to figure out is how to load the settings. Voice is part of deathmatch, not core. Might need to load deathmatch for the settings menu - this could e.g. help to preview chatbox changes too.

Perhaps find a way to load deathmatch in a limited mode.

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