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Summary0008132: Projectile target only allows player element (and a projectile?)

Apparently the createProjectile function only allows a player target (if using heat seeking missiles). This should allow a lot more than that, because I have scripts that sometimes have empty vehicles and I want to destroy these empty vehicles.

Perhaps allow heat seeking in a form of "targeting" system, that it will target an element regardless of heat, since it seems like that is the issue right now, nevertheless pedestrians cannot be targeted, so it seems to be a wider issue (perhaps?).

Test script:

Located at the navy base in San Fierro by default. Look at the debug while at it.

Oh, and look at the behavior of a rocket when passing in a projectile target. It seems to target the projectile, but seems to not list up on debug - why?

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a projectile
  2. Target at anything but player (even vehicles with engine on)
  3. Rocket doesn't respond to anything... unless the target is a projectile
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2014-03-31 19:12

viewer   ~~0020518

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I decided to add pickups and markers as well, even though those aren't actually any "living" elements.


2014-03-31 20:36

reporter   ~~0020522

I can confirm that Players and projectiles as target work. Btw i think projectiles are the most bugged elements of MTA right now...


2014-03-31 22:18

viewer   ~~0020527

Cazomino explained on IRC that projectiles are rather hard to make working ("impossible") on other element types as there are no syncers. The networking will become difficult in terms of fair projectile collision. But if a developer has a solution to this, it would be nice.


2014-03-31 22:28

developer   ~~0020528

Projectile issue number 123151.

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