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0008055Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasClientpublic2018-09-16 16:35
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Summary0008055: Attached to bone element slides when ped is aiming with ak/m4

The bone positions seem to be 1 frame laggy. It seems that the ped rotation is set after onClientPreRender.

Steps To Reproduce

1.Download the resource attached to the report
2.Start it
3.Aim with m4

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has duplicate 0008551 closed New issues Rotation and postion of attached objects is delayed when the player is aiming. 
related to 0008578 closed Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas getCameraMatrix() lags on onClientPreRender when cameraTarget is localPlayer 



2014-02-20 21:39

manager   ~~0020243

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"It seems that the ped rotation is set after onClientPreRender."

Then use onClientRender?


2014-02-21 20:02

viewer   ~~0020244

onClientRender obviously doesn't work fast enough for attaching objects


2014-02-21 20:33

administrator   ~~0020245

Problem is GTA is updating positions between onClientPreRender and drawing the world.
The fix is for MTA to call onClientPreRender a bit later, but will need testing to make sure it doesn't break other things.


2014-02-21 21:49

reporter   ~~0020247

Maybe it would be better to make a new event?


2014-02-22 05:27

viewer   ~~0020250

Maybe onClientPreRender could be called a bit later when aiming the troublesome weapons ? I would share my time to test that. Wouldn't it be easier to introduce a new event ? It'd require editing the bone_attach script, but still depends on possibility and the amount of work.


2018-09-14 12:58

reporter   ~~0026993

Moved to github

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