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0007968Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasGeneralpublic2018-09-20 17:25
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Summary0007968: getWeaponNameFromID() returns duplicate ID's for 10/11 and 12/13

When i use getWeaponNameFromID(10) or getWeaponNameFromID(11) these always return "Dildo".

getWeaponNameFromID(10) It's the short dildo.

getWeaponNameFromID(11) It's the long dildo.

If i use this function getWeaponIDFromName(getWeaponNameFromID(11)) this will return 10.

Steps To Reproduce
  • Put getWeaponIDFromName(getWeaponNameFromID(11))in runcode.
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2015-07-02 23:03

manager   ~~0023527

Executing client-side command: getWeaponNameFromID(10)
Command results: Dildo [string]
Executing client-side command: getWeaponNameFromID(11)
Command results: Dildo [string]
Executing client-side command: getWeaponNameFromID(12)
Command results: Vibrator [string]
Executing client-side command: getWeaponNameFromID(13)
Command results: Vibrator [string]

Weapons having duplicate names is not good.


2015-12-13 00:31

viewer   ~~0024228

This function also returns names for IDs that don't exist.

ID 40 = Bomb
ID 21 = Freefall Bomb
ID 20 = Rocket
ID 19 = Rocket

Yet these IDs arent weapons and return errors when trying to use them with giveWeapon. (found this issue with the admin panel made by lil_toady)


2015-12-13 01:33

administrator   ~~0024230

They are valid projectiles, however

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