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0007165New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-07-29 23:21
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Summary0007165: Add a option to choose which monitor to default to when disabling device selection dialog. ( dual monitor )

Suggestion: Change the option for 'show device dialog' so that you can set up a default monitor instead of defaulting to primary monitor. Would be really better.

Steps To Reproduce

Have 2 screens, start MTA, see the device selection, go to options, turn it off, it defaults to primary monitor while I personally would like it on secondary monitor.

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2012-07-09 00:59

administrator   ~~0017006

Maybe MTA can prompt you with an identical dialogue with a remember selection checkbox and somehow inject the answer automatically into that prompt?

There would be a small option in video tab to reset monitor preferences.

This seems like a less invasive and easier way to deal with the problem than risk trying to control monitors after the game is running.


2013-09-14 15:00

viewer   ~~0019324

bump, is something like this possible?


2014-04-24 14:09

viewer   ~~0020751

Well, I have made a patch that does this.
Basically changes the adapter to the one in a setting ( configurable from the main menu ). It first checks if the adapter exists, and if the desired resolution and format exist, it will create the device on that adapter.

Here it is:
I have tested as far as I can test, but there could be some stuff I didn't think of.


2014-05-14 04:56

administrator   ~~0020879

Thanks for the patch. I have looked into this and my thoughts are:
1) The device selection should to be done at startup by forcing the (hidden) dialog somehow.
2) The borderless window fullscreen modes will need fixing to work on a secondary display


2014-05-15 20:52

viewer   ~~0020904

hmm, so with 1, you mean you want to use the dialog to let the user select the adapter/resolution, instead of a setting ingame? ( indeed a better solution ).


2018-07-29 23:21

updater   ~~0026889

Patch file stored here for future reference.

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