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0006753New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2019-09-07 14:38
ReporterdiegofkdaAssigned Tomyonlake 
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Summary0006753: There should be a dimension optional parameter in removeWorldBuilding and x, y, z should be optional arguments

A dimension parameter in removeWorldBuilding would be nice to remove objects only in a selected dimension if specified, if not, then it should delete in all dimensions.

removeWorldBuilding ( id, x, y, z, dimension )

And x, y, z parameters should be optional, because, what if I want to remove all objects from a specified ID?

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2011-12-25 19:37

viewer   ~~0015508

Last edited: 2011-12-25 19:49

ignore the what if i want to delete objects bla bla bla, x, y, z should be just optional instead 0, 0, 0.


2011-12-25 19:42

manager   ~~0015509

Err GTA SA doesn't use dimensions this suggestion is impossible.


2011-12-25 19:48

viewer   ~~0015510

Not impossible, but difficulty I guess. If GTA doesn't have dimensions why objects have? if an object can be dimensioned by MTA then removeWorldBuilding too, but this isn't major though.


2011-12-25 20:06

manager   ~~0015511

I think you mean interiors, not dimensions.


2011-12-25 22:43

viewer   ~~0015512

Last edited: 2011-12-25 22:43

Dimension... I scripted SCM and I know a lot about GTA SA (by the way xd) and I know GTA SA doesn't have dimension, it has interiors which MTA can't handle them so well, but I wanted dimension...

It would be a good idea, if I want to remove the whole San Andreas world only for dimension number 2, or if I want to SF in the dimension 2, LV in 3 and LS in 1.


2011-12-25 22:48

manager   ~~0015513

Good point, you can always use createObject to re-add it in certain dimensions though.


2011-12-25 22:54

viewer   ~~0015514

It would be pretty unstable...


2011-12-25 22:55

manager   ~~0015515

How would it be unstable?

I'm sure its a lot easier to use createObject and setElementDimension than coding this in.


2011-12-25 23:00

viewer   ~~0015516

Because MTA mapping is still being unstable, I just tried to make LC with SA objects and it was unstable.


2011-12-26 09:44

viewer   ~~0015517

Having removeWorldBuilding work in specified dimension would involve writing "removed models streamer" that will remove models in one dimension and then restore them if player changes dimension.

I don't think it would be viable solution, although in small cases it can be implemented with scripting.


2019-09-07 14:38

updater   ~~0027108

This should be possible to be scripted in Lua. Closed.

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