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0006682New issuesServerpublic2014-11-17 13:29
ReporterH5N1[PL]Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
PlatformWindowsOS7OS Version7601
Summary0006682: Server doesnt update ped position after warping it to vehicle

Hello. While I was making one script (calculating diffrence beetwen center of vehicle and driver by warping ped into vehicle serversidley) i discovered one bug. When I create ped (for example at 0,0,3) and then vehicle (for example at 10,10,3) and then I warp that ped into vehicle. After that script get peds position and it returns 0,0,3 (where it was spawned), but not position in car (it should be something similar to 10,10,3).

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