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0006528Source patchesMulti Theft Auto : Resourcespublic2011-10-05 22:46
ReporterAudifire Assigned Toccw  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Target Version1.2Fixed in Version1.2 
Summary0006528: Access denied when use exports.voice:setPlayerMuted ( player playerToMute, bool muted )

Always when I use exports.voice:setPlayerMuted ( player playerToMute, bool muted ) to mute a player from voice and the resource who exports the function is not in admin acl, i get the output "Access denied @ setPlayerMuted". (only server-side)

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2011-09-22 08:03

administrator   ~~0014863

I think the acl right "function.setPlayerMuted" is doing this.
The solutions are:

  • Remove the acl right
  • Rename the exported voice function


2011-09-22 12:59

manager   ~~0014866

Renaming the exported function sounds like the best idea to me.

setPlayerVoiceMuted perhaps.


2011-09-27 18:29

viewer   ~~0014949

I thought like arranTuna.
It's ugly to add the exporting resource at ACL or remove the ACL entry.


2011-09-30 07:04

updater   ~~0014966

Issue automatically marked as fixed by mantisbot ( Fixed in )

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