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0006337New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-11-13 22:13
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Summary0006337: [Request] Implement server rating

Make a servers rating based on how many users have added it to favs list.

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related to 0006336 closedmyonlake [Request] Suggest players to add the server they played on to favourites 



2011-08-09 21:21

reporter   ~~0014213

how would you avoid abuse of this?


2011-08-09 21:32

manager   ~~0014214

"Make a servers rating based on how many users have added it to favs list."

I don't really see how that can be abused, its a simply count of how many people have favorited it.


2012-07-05 16:48

administrator   ~~0016962

One vote per serial.


2012-08-02 11:09

viewer   ~~0017182

"Make a servers rating based on how many users have added it to favs list."

Resulting list will be very simillar to server list sorted by player count.

Server rating (1-5) would be nice, but it would be gamed and abused.


2013-02-20 14:09

manager   ~~0018163

An alternative implementation of server rating would be having a website where one can see a list of servers and then post reviews of it which would also allow servers to get feedback to improve their server and reviews could expire after some time to allow new servers to improve their rating as they improve their server. What happened to that online server list?


2013-09-27 13:25

viewer   ~~0019394

this can be misuse from another server player..
of my site not a good idea, why its can be misuse


2013-09-27 13:27

viewer   ~~0019395

or it can be with a minimum play time of 12th Hours.. that's mind misuse


2014-11-23 20:46

administrator   ~~0022580

Actually, the master server list could do some magical statistics and allow us to order servers by the variance - the numbers could be generated based on how many unique people have joined a server, how many repeated and how long people stay on a server. I doubt all these variables are even recorded by the server list though.

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