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0006334New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-11-13 22:11
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Summary0006334: Improve the server browser

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parent of 0006336 closedmyonlake New Feature Requests [Request] Suggest players to add the server they played on to favourites 
parent of 0006338 closed New Feature Requests [Request] A blacklist in the serverbrowser 
parent of 0005070 closedqaisjp New Feature Requests Strip server name 
related to 0007910 closed Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Servers browser: player list weird problem 



2012-05-29 04:53

viewer   ~~0016711

I think this should be moved to 2.0... Not an important feature, but this would be very nice in a future version (not 1.4/1.3.1 because there are too many bugs to fix first in those).


2012-06-22 08:26

viewer   ~~0016875

Yes! A really nice idea.


2013-01-18 01:44

viewer   ~~0017973

Maybe allow the server IP to be hidden?


2013-01-24 05:29

viewer   ~~0018007

IP Hidden? Thats a funny joke right? Hiding the IP wouldn't work, because you can still find it with external programs which monitor the connection. Why would you hide it?


2013-04-26 13:22

viewer   ~~0018403

should accept +1


2013-06-20 00:11

viewer   ~~0018792

Server Browser Now not Work properly ?

Some servers does not show

Please Fix it !


2013-09-08 18:39

viewer   ~~0019295

yeah i have my server running for a week now and it dont show up in browser :c
the clients can connect to the IP and to my no-ip domain

So the server is ready to show up but it doesnt...
If somebody of the Admins can add it "manually" then pls tell me :S

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