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Summary0005725: Ped fireing Projectiles doesn't work

When creating a ped with grenades or a rocketlauncher, which then gets the command to fire like:
setPedControlState(ped, "fire", true) -- grenades
setPedControlState(ped, "aim_weapon", true) -- rocket
setPedControlState(ped, "fire", true) -- launcher

then the ped does the fireing animation, but no projectile seems to be created.

I was testing on a server alone, so I was definetely the syncer of the ped.
I didn't know if I should mark it as "Server-side-bug", as it could be a sync-problem, but as the ped's control state changes client-side, it's marked as that.

Steps To Reproduce

Spawn ped server-side.
Give ped server-side grenades.
Execute setPedControlState(ped, "fire", true) client-side.
See no effect.
Start fixing it! :P

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2011-01-01 13:36

viewer   ~~0012400

Last edited: 2011-01-01 13:43

Maybe element does not have a syncer and you need to use the setElementSyncer ?


2011-01-05 15:10

viewer   ~~0012449

"I was testing on a server alone, so I was definetely the syncer of the ped."
And yes I even checked with "getElementSyncer" that it has one.


2013-01-11 18:21

viewer   ~~0017947

I confirm this, still isn't fixed in 1.4 nightlies. I guess it could be done by a script but not sure.


2013-02-25 14:13

reporter   ~~0018181

afaik peds cant create elements (such as projectiles)
anyway u can script this with createProjectile (using nearest player as creator)


2013-02-25 14:18

viewer   ~~0018182

The projectile (rockets in this case) will go in the direction the creator is "facing". Therefore if you use some localPlayer as the creator of that projectile, it will go in the direction that player is facing.


2018-09-27 21:42

manager   ~~0027081

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