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0005620Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasClientpublic2015-03-04 10:31
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Summary0005620: guiGridListAddColumn returns wrong index after deleting Columns

The returned index of guiGridListAddColumn increases, though Columns added before have been deleted. e.g.:

guiGridListAddColumn(..) returns 1
guiGridListAddColumn(..) returns 2 though there is no 1

if you use guiGridListGetSelectedItem() then it returns the value guiGridListAddColumn should have but hasn't returned: 1

Steps To Reproduce

function testfunc()
agrid = guiCreateGridList(500,500, 300,300, false);

local col1 = guiGridListAddColumn(agrid, 'test1', 0.1);
guiGridListRemoveColumn(agrid, col1);
local col2 = guiGridListAddColumn(agrid, 'test2', 0.1);

outputChatBox('Col1: '..col1..' Col2: '..col2); --returns "Col1: 1 Col2: 2", should be "Col1: 1 Col2: 1" imo

local arow = guiGridListAddRow(agrid);
guiGridListSetItemText(agrid, arow, col2, 'test', false,false);

addEventHandler('onClientGUIDoubleClick', agrid, agridDoubleClick, false);

addCommandHandler ( 'test', testfunc, false );

function agridDoubleClick()
local sRow,sColumn = guiGridListGetSelectedItem(agrid); -this returns the right column (1) not 2
outputChatBox('Row: '..sRow..' Column: '..sColumn);

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2010-11-06 13:46

viewer   ~~0012114

Last edited: 2010-11-06 14:21

I just recognized that guiGridListGetItemText, guiGridListSetItemText and guiGridListRemoveColumn are using the bugged Columns, too. Seems that guiGridListGetSelectedItem() is the only one using the real ones.


2012-10-10 22:45

manager   ~~0017714

Confirmed, had this problem when trying to delete all columns in ingame performance browser.

Get ipb resource from mtasa-resources
start ipb
/debugscript 3

Observe the debug output:

[2012-10-10 21:45:48] INFO: removing column id a 0 true
[2012-10-10 21:45:48] INFO: removing column id a 1 true
[2012-10-10 21:45:48] INFO: removing column id a 2 true
[2012-10-10 21:45:48] INFO: removing column id a 3 true
[2012-10-10 21:45:48] INFO: removing column id a 4 true
[2012-10-10 21:45:48] INFO: removing column id a 5 true
[2012-10-10 21:45:48] INFO: removing column id a 6 true
[2012-10-10 21:45:48] INFO: removing column id b 0 true
[2012-10-10 21:45:48] INFO: removing column id b 1 true
[2012-10-10 21:45:48] INFO: removing column id b 2 true

Notice the "id b" this should never happen because I already deleted all the columns.


2015-03-04 10:30

administrator   ~~0023072

This behavior is intended and necessary to guarantee unique IDs.

Assuming you've written the following code:
local gridList = guiCreateGridList(0, 0, 200, 200, false)
local columnPlayer = guiGridListAddColumn(gridList, 0.5)
local columnMoney = guiGridListAddColumn(gridList, 0.4)

-- Later in the code
local money = guiGridListGetItemText(gridList, columnPlayer, 1)

When you remove a column between other columns now, you'd have to adjust the column index of all columns next to the removed one which will break the code above.

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