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0005131New issuesServerpublic2010-03-18 14:16
ReporterTimOn Assigned Toccw  
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Summary0005131: Use "not default" acl.xml not work

Change <acl>acl.xml</acl> to <acl>my_acl.xml</acl> in mtaserver.conf
Change (in my_acl.xml) eg
<acl name="Default">
<right name="command.kick" access="true" />

Start MTA Server
Try to use kick command in the game - DON'T WORK

But when we login as admin, kick command works fine

Additional Information

admin resource disabled.
kick command use in other gamemode

script function:
function command_kick( player, commandName )
outputChatBox("Kick Command!", player)
addCommandHandler( "kick", command_kick )

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child of 0005166 resolvedccw Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas scriptdebuglogfile and acl settings in mtaserver.conf are ignored 

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