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Summary0005072: createProjectile creates one projectile for every person in the vehicle

if the local player is in a vehicle when using createProjectile, 1 projectile for every person in the vehicle will be created (1 if hes alone, 2 with 1 passenger and so on)

this doesnt always happen to every person in the vehicle, occasionally you can create single projectiles without issue. it seems passengers are more likely to have the problem

have only tested with grenades and molotovs

Steps To Reproduce

have someone else drive a vehicle, get in as passenger and /fire, you should see 2 distinct grenades being created (or, if they are particularly close together, 2 explosions)

local x,y,z = getElementPosition(getLocalPlayer())

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2012-09-12 00:50

reporter   ~~0017542

I can't believe it hasn't been fixed yet.
Anyway, using createProjectile while sitting in a vehicle will not pass the "creator" parameter in onClientProjectileCreation on remote clients (both clients are close to each other so they're streamed).


2014-03-19 17:54

reporter   ~~0020423

Does this old bug still exist?!


2014-03-19 20:49

manager   ~~0020425

Test it and see?


2014-03-20 14:13

reporter   ~~0020426

i try to get someone else for testing asap. I am currently working with projectiles but alone and everything works fine for me as the only Player.


2014-03-20 15:29

developer   ~~0020427

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Reproduced in 1.3.5-release-6178.3 while local player was passenger. I can't reproduce while I am driver (or when I put other player - passenger - as creator).


2018-09-24 21:23

manager   ~~0027076

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