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0004653Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasVehiclespublic2018-09-05 17:28
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Summary0004653: Dying in an exploding vehicle gives MTA the wrong death reason and weapon

When a player dies because the vehicle he was sitting in turned into a living ball of flames, MTA will often/always give the wrong kill "weapon," screwing up killmessages and any other script that relies on this information.

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has duplicate 0004757 closed New issues Petrol tank kill bug 



2009-12-11 23:53

administrator   ~~0010849

Commit/revision that belongs to this fix should be tracked down.


2018-06-07 14:42

administrator   ~~0026554

I looked through git whatchanged --since "2009-07-15" --until "2009-12-12" -p and git whatchanged --since "2009-07-15" --until "2009-12-12" and can't find the change.

Was this bug actually fixed?

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