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0004185Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasServerpublic2018-10-22 23:52
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Summary0004185: Door States 1 and 3 need a “love tap” or should make the door unclosable

The door states 1 and 3 don't work.
If such a state is set the door should be pushed a bit away from the car so that they don't shut immediately after getting the free swinging state.

Another - imho - better idea would be to make the door unclosable in states 1 and 3 so that they've no other choice than be free swinging.

This feature would be nice for an open/close cargo bay script.

Btw the hood springs already open if it's state is set to 3. (But not for 1)

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has duplicate 0005702 closed New issues Setting vehicle door state to 1 closes the door 
has duplicate 0008188 closed New issues setVehicleDoorState, getVehicleDoorState don't correctly work with states 1 and 3 
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2009-05-11 02:26

administrator   ~~0009192

We're proposing adding setDoorAngle and various associated functions. These may have to wait till post 1.0 now though.


2014-04-18 12:19

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Requires double calling.

For state 1

setVehicleDoorState(vehicle, door, 1) --to make sure we get intact state
setVehicleDoorState(vehicle, door, 3) --will set the door to swinging

For state 3

setVehicleDoorState(vehicle, door, 2) -- will make the door damaged
setVehicleDoorState(vehicle, door, 3) --call this to get swinging door

Strangely these 2 states requires to be called in combinations to get the desired effect. I believe something can be done in the code of MTA using the same technique to fix the bug.

The code, if somebody needs:

_setVehicleDoorState = setVehicleDoorState
function setVehicleDoorState(vehicle, door, state)
outputChatBox("Door: "..door.." "..state)
if tonumber(state) == 1 then
_setVehicleDoorState(vehicle, door, 1)
_setVehicleDoorState(vehicle, door, 3)
elseif tonumber(state) == 3 then
_setVehicleDoorState(vehicle, door, 2)
_setVehicleDoorState(vehicle, door, 3)
_setVehicleDoorState(vehicle, door, state)
return true

Still having problems getting the door states. Because if door effect state is 1, getVehicleDoorState returns 3, so this is up to MTA team to fix.


2017-05-27 00:21

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2018-10-22 23:52

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