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0003059Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasVehiclespublic2009-02-22 17:25
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Target Version1.0Fixed in Version1.0 
Summary0003059: Trains need their "on track" state synced

If you get in a train and drive till it derails and someone drives to you so you stream in, it won't be derailed for him thus the position is unsynced.

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related to 0002820 closed Various bugs when driving trains 



2008-04-14 09:56

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Also happens for yourself if you go out of the vehicle streaming ratio and then go back.


2008-06-16 03:53

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2009-02-21 23:34

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byte ptr [this+5B9h] & 1 = IsDerailed flag
When setting the flag to 0, you also need to "and" dword ptr [this+40h] with 0xFFFDFFFB, otherwise the train will stop and freeze instead of sliding on and falling over.

The SA code that derails a train is at 6F8DE7 (loops through all wagons). Note that this is an address in the middle of the train processing function, and not a function you can call.

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