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0001266Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasGUI / Menus / Consolepublic2008-11-21 22:22
ReporterJonChappellAssigned ToIJs 
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Target VersionFixed in Versionblue_sa.r2.a11 
Summary0001266: Give the mod access to GUI functions

I think adding GUI functions to the LUA scripting system would really raise the quality of the maps / game modes that people create.

It would also be useful for the mod as a whole, and hopefully it would mean that voice chat can be brought back, which may be useful for clans.

It was mentioned pre-R1 that R2 would feature this, but I haven't heard any more about it so I'm posting this as a reminder.

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2006-04-19 00:30

reporter   ~~0002925

Wonderful idea, think of adminsystems which use GUI.. mm.. Or RPG scripts! \o/


2006-04-19 03:13

developer   ~~0002927

How exactly would this work?


2006-04-19 07:51

administrator   ~~0002928

we need to make the GUI funcs accessible by the mod 1st, atm it can only be done in the core


2006-04-19 08:02

administrator   ~~0002929

I think that we should leave that for r2.x/r3


2006-04-19 09:12

manager   ~~0002930

Why, JHXP?


2006-04-19 11:49

administrator   ~~0002931

It might take a good while to incorporate it (I might be wrong though), we should focus on making r2 a quality release (like r1 was), and leave some features to be added later.


2006-04-19 12:25

developer   ~~0002932

Ultimately it's up to the devs to see if it's practical or not.


2006-04-19 20:39

manager   ~~0002935

I have no idea how long this would take or how much work it would be, but with the scripting system at the moment, you can only communicate with players via text, which makes it still like MTA:mA. GUI functions would offer a lot of flexibility to scripters and also help the mod itself (e.g. notification icons for voice chat).

Also remember that the race mod didn't have any competition, whereas the SA DM arena has 2 other big names. We need to differentiate MTA:SA as much as possible.


2006-04-21 02:49

administrator   ~~0002944

Seeing as it's added to the Road Map - acknowledged


2006-06-23 19:41

administrator   ~~0003229

hasnt this been done already?


2006-06-24 03:39

administrator   ~~0003239

According to the Road Map it is, so I'll mark it as resolved.

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