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0001242Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasGeneralpublic2006-06-14 09:03
ReporterMonkAssigned ToJax 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platformx86-64OSWindows XP Pro x64OS Version5.2.3790
Product Versionblue_sa.r2.a5 
Target VersionFixed in Versionblue_sa.r2.a11 
Summary0001242: Kill message bug

When you die on your own at the exact moment someone is shooting, you become bugged such that when you die by:
-Car explosions
-Possibly more?
The death message says that some person (maybe random) killed you with whatever weapon they had at the time. The only way to get rid of this effect is to restart the client.
You will only see a proper kill message if you die by falling or if someone does actually shoots you.

Steps To Reproduce

Die without being shot (I crashed a hydra) at the exact moment someone is firing. The easiest way to reproduce:
1)Get in a hydra, hover over the ground
2)Have a 2nd person get a minigun and hold the trigger (but NOT shooting you)
3)While 2nd person is holding trigger, fly into the ground and explode. If you were successfu, a the kill message will say the 2nd person killed you with the minigun, even if they were on the other side of the map.

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2006-04-14 15:54

viewer   ~~0002873

I think the kill credits just need to be improved.


2006-04-14 18:45

reporter   ~~0002874

Yes and (SHOTGUN ??) should be changed to (Spaz Shotgun)


2006-04-15 16:52

developer   ~~0002882

I don't think it identifies Hydra/Hunter/Sea Sparrow/Predator kills correctly either.


2006-04-16 20:19

manager   ~~0002902

Typing /kill results in an incorrect kill message. It says that someone else killed you.


2006-04-16 20:23

viewer   ~~0002903

Some things I can think of right away:

  • Vehicle kills aren't reported correctly.
  • Shouldn't dying by impact be reported as such, rather than showing 'x died!' in the chat?
  • Getting killed by drowining doesn't report correctly.

There might be more.


2006-05-31 08:02

administrator   ~~0003105

Dont forget heli blades, those arent reported like MTAVC.


2006-05-31 16:21

viewer   ~~0003106

Last edited: 2006-05-31 16:22

Right now it's handled by KillMessages.lua, but it only reports the on-foot weapon used to kill the player (otherwise it will just say that the player died).

There needs to be a scripting function like PlayerDied with arguments like drowned, set on fire, died from collision, helicopter bladed, ran over by a vehicle, etc.


2006-06-04 02:33

administrator   ~~0003111

Yea theres no way you can currently throw the deaths burden onto lua scripters.


2006-06-04 08:00

developer   ~~0003112

Really has nothing to do with the scripters, the onPlayerWasted event just needs to give the proper arguments.


2006-06-14 04:05

administrator   ~~0003205

Some work has been done to fix this, needs some stuff done by MrJax to complete it.


2006-06-14 06:29

administrator   ~~0003210

Reset temp killer status on death

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