Reporting bugs in MTA resources

jhxp      2009-02-24 16:26

You can now report bugs or feature requests for official resources included with MTASA server packages.

To do so, choose the New issues project, then file a report under the Resources category. For reporting bugs in the new Map Editor, use its own category.

Make sure that you include the Resource name in the summary, so we can quickly see what the report is about.
Examples of a good report summary:

Admin: Names in the players list are cut off
CTF-csitaly: Map limits are set wrong

Reports will be moved to the MTA : Resources project once they are verified. Keep in mind however that you should only report issues that are present in the latest version of resources, available on , as issues with old dp2.x resources are often already solved in the newest version. You can still try to verify them in their latest versions, if the problem is still there, do not hesitate to report it.