Release date: 15. July 2015
Goal: Introduction of Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) elements
0008938: [Client] guest account is unable to use admin commands properly (Jusonex)
0008837: [Resources] [Freeroam] Removing clothes does not work (Dutchman101)
0008597: [Resources] Patch for realdriveby: setDrivebySteeringAbility cannot be set to false for bikes (SHC//Sniper)
0008594: [Client] [Admin]Croatian flag missing (arranTuna)
0008571: [Resources] [Admin] Some flags are missing. (arranTuna)
0008324: [Client] Cam shaking and input block / game spacing glitch
0008261: [Resources] Flag Error in Admin panel resource (arranTuna)
0007278: [Optional] Freeroam animations hotkeys (arranTuna)
0007977: [Resources] [Admin] Slap 0 when the health less than 100 will decrease the health by 1. (arranTuna)
0006879: [Resources] Freecam (editor) binds hard keys w,s,a,d causes difficulties on other keyboards than qwerty (azerty, bepo, dvorak etc.) (arranTuna)
0007773: [Client] setLowLODElement doesn't work as intended. (ccw)
0007732: [Client] freeroam: Patch from 0007726 corrected: Position window don't fit at 1024x768 screen resolution (patch included) (arranTuna)
0007726: [Client] freeroam: Set Position window shows wrong positions at some widescreen modes (patch included) (arranTuna)
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