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0009870New issuesWeaponspublic2018-09-30 13:51
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Summary0009870: Some weapons stop firing after onClientPlayerWeaponSwitch is cancelled

Some firearms that do not have magazines such as Rocket Launcher, Heat seeking RPG, Sniper or Country Rifle seem to stop firing after they are switched from a fist or brass knuckles when onClientPlayerWeaponSwitch is cancelled.

Steps To Reproduce


  1. Take any of the mentioned firearms
  2. Switch to fist or brass knuckles
  3. Press the 'x' key
  4. Attempt to switch to the firearm that you took in the first step (event will be canceled)
  5. Press 'x' again
  6. Switch to the firearm
  7. If you are still able to fire then repeat this procedure a few times
    local on = false
    bindKey("x", "down", function() on = not on outputChatBox(on and "ON" or "OFF") end)

addEventHandler("onClientPlayerWeaponSwitch", localPlayer, function()
if on then

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