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0009838New issuesMulti Theft Auto : Resourcespublic2018-09-30 13:45
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Summary0009838: [race] mapmanager is not included in the meta.xml yet still required in code, throws errors in server console

[gamemodes]/[race]/race/racevoting_server.lua:442 would throw server-side errors if the mapmanager resource was not running.

ERROR: [gamemodes][race]\race\racevoting_server.lua:442: exports: Call to non-running server resource (mapmanager) [string "?"]

I will have a PR waiting on the GitHub repository with this issue ID on it.

Steps To Reproduce

1) start race
2) notice the same file, same line, throw an error in the server console a few times
3) panic

Additional Information

Should probably include it in the meta.xml like the other required resources.

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2018-04-07 16:55

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