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0009741New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-09-05 02:43
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Summary0009741: [Request] modify object components

Some object like "nt_windmill" id 3425 are created from more then 1 object. Vehicle has function for modify components, why not objects?
i request functions for components: set/get visible, position, rotation of objects

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example model which are created from 3 models.

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has duplicate 0009880 closedqaisjp Positioning and rotating object's components 



2017-10-12 09:59

reporter   ~~0026236

exemplary use #1 for dayz you need to replace hundreds of models, if you can modify component then you can save models
myAllItemsModel=createObject(1337,0,0,3) setObjectComponentVisible(myAllItemsModel,"food",true) myAllItemsModel=createObject(1337,0,0,3) setObjectComponentVisible(myAllItemsModel,"medic kit",true)

exemplary use #2 you can do weapons component,
myM4=createObject(337,0,0,3) -- i dont remember m4 id setObjectComponentVisible(myAllItemsModel,"laser",true) setObjectComponentVisible(myAllItemsModel,"zoom x2",true)


2017-10-12 15:42

viewer   ~~0026237

It's great idea to add this. ++


2017-10-12 23:33

viewer   ~~0026238

Well the issue is that they are two different objects, NT_windmill and DT/DY_midmill, having setObjectComponetVisible is useless as hell considering there's no possible way of even attaching components to objects in the first place.


2017-10-13 08:22

reporter   ~~0026239

you can attach object components in 3ds max, blender or in other program

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