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0009738Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasServerpublic2018-07-22 21:08
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Summary0009738: [Request] refreshResource function

Currently getResourceInfo meta data (such as resource/map name, author etc.) does not get updated after making changes to the meta.xml file. The only way to enforce getResourceInfo meta data to be updated is through refreshResources(true) AKA /refreshall. As this is a very resource intensive task, it would freeze our server for 10-20 minutes with 7396 maps stored on our server. Restarting the affected resource is not a solution either, as we do not start any map resource.

Manually parsing meta.xml data with XML functions may be a workaround fix but is neither elegant nor would it work in our specific case. We depend on what getResourceInfo returns and we cannot replace it with manual XML parsing, as it is way slower and causes server to take 2-3h for start-up (compared to 10 minutes regular start-up). At current state of affairs our system experiences issues with maps whose names have been changed.

This was talked about on the forum before and sadly ended nowhere. Bonsai's post pretty much sums up our problem:

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2017-10-07 16:27

administrator   ~~0026226

Please check if the console command upgrade <resource-name> does the required action


2017-10-07 19:14

viewer   ~~0026228

I have tried using upgrade command on the console.

It seemed to do the trick.


2017-10-08 03:10

administrator   ~~0026231

Fixed in

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