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0009734New issuesClientpublic2017-09-07 15:07
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Summary0009734: setGameSpeed does mess with sound effects

With setGameSpeed you can fluently change game speed but it doesn't affect sound effects properly.
Basically, if you set game speed over 1.0, it won't affect sound effects speed at all. So with speed e.g. 3.0 sounds are normal, like 1.0
But if you set game speed under 1.0, no matter how much, sound effects will be much slower, like constant value e.g. 0.5x

Steps To Reproduce

Simply /start runcode and /crun setGameSpeed(0.999)
Game speed will be almost normal cuz only 0.001 difference but all sound effects will be disorted like with 0.5x speed

Additional Information

I'm not sure if it's even fixable, but maybe it would be possible to add additional option to setGameSpeed to override sound effects like "default", "normal" (1.0+) "slow" (<1.0)

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