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0009704New issuesVehiclespublic2017-08-12 15:25
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Summary0009704: Hydra issues when flying towards people

I believe there might be something already reported similar to this, but
when you fly with hydra towards people (like in order to shoot them with a missile or ram into them) few issues sometimes occur:

  • short loading happens
  • due to that the missile you previously fired is not fired at all, and you end up dissapointed how beautifully you flied to your enemies in order to shoot them but they survive due to loading thingy causing your missile not to fire
  • your hydra movement might temporarily be frozen
  • your hydra controls (e.g up/down) might not do their work for a short 0.5 seconds while the loading thingy happens

Anyway that loading thingy probs happens because its trying to load something world related, however that thing messes up hydra movement and it's kinda annoying, hydra should be able to fire missiles and move even if something is loading
Note that most of time that 'loading' is not even seen, it happens but you don't see anything being loaded at all

Additional Information

Hydra maximum velocity is not default, but extended to maximum (around 500+ km/h)
Haven't tried doing it with default hydra because its too slow
Happens in a server with 50+ people, or sometimes that doesn't matter if there are at least 10 or more people around you streamed in

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2017-08-12 15:25

viewer   ~~0026139

Maybe something with the sctipts. Never noticed this on our server and we use max aircraft velocity too.

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