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0009700New issuesClientpublic2017-09-01 23:28
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Summary0009700: Vehicle engine sound changes to a monotone one gear sound, if a chainsaw stream in

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2017-08-16 12:06

viewer   ~~0026148

In my humble opinion, this seems related to #9681:

Perhaps it's interesting to test that again with the latest build, to see if this was fixed too:


2017-08-16 18:13

updater   ~~0026149

re checked with v1.5.4-release-11667 , now it's also the same for the passenger :)


2017-08-31 19:36

reporter   ~~0026185

Players report me, that they hear default engine sounds even tho I disabled them all. But they cannot hear their own engine sound. Whatever Lopez fixed to make plane sounds hearable for everyone seems to re enable these sounds in certain situations even if they are disabled by script.


2017-08-31 20:05

developer   ~~0026186

Because MTA use different sounds for aircraft occupied by other players now. Try this:

-- Normal helis
setWorldSoundEnabled(19, 5, false)
setWorldSoundEnabled(19, 18, false)
setWorldSoundEnabled(19, 23, false) -- small propeller

-- Heavy helis
setWorldSoundEnabled(18, 1, false)

-- Planes
setWorldSoundEnabled(16, 1, false)

-- Jets
setWorldSoundEnabled(19, 10, false)
setWorldSoundEnabled(19, 11, false)

-- Beagle/Nevada
setWorldSoundEnabled(7, 1, false)


2017-09-01 02:32

reporter   ~~0026188

Highly interesting. I will check. Thanks.


2017-09-01 23:28

updater   ~~0026189

Additionally: Vehicle engine sound changes to a monotone one gear sound, if a Mr.Whoopee ((ID 423) with Mr.Whoopee melody switched on stream in

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