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Summary0009669: CEF FPS issues

Previously on bug reports:

MTA still seems have severe performance issues for CEF.
Latest stable release gives me terrible FPS (16 tops) when trying the attached script. The script isn't even badly performance-heavy. Not only that, but the previous version of the attached script works fine and is currently in heavy use.

Now in the latest nightly build (CEF updated to Chromium 59) FPS is fine. Performance is smooth and FPS gets to 60 in most cases. But for some weird reason FPS decides to drop for no reason at all when switching between different tabs (refer to attached script). In the attached script you will find a panel with vertical line of tabs. Of these tabs, only 'tops' and 'help' lag, and I can't seem to see why.

Especially JavaScript handled animations, using native Web Animations API (, are laggy in both stable and nightly builds. You can notice this when the attached script first loads and also if you click on a color in settings tab (refer to attached script).

I hope the attached script will assist you to some extent regarding the issue!

Steps To Reproduce

Try the attached script

Additional Information

Server FPS limit 60-100
MTA versions used: 1.5.4 stable, 1.5.4 nightly

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2017-07-01 11:58

viewer   ~~0026050

Just noticed the file I uploaded was above the limit (5MB) so I had to remove the images. Sorry!


2017-07-11 19:59

administrator   ~~0026061

CSS3 animations are known to be laggy. There's nothing we can do about it at the moment except waiting for CEF to improve offscreen rendering performance. The main problem is that the web view texture has to be copied via IPC manually rather than accessing texture memory directly.


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