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0009643New issuesScriptingpublic2017-05-18 14:15
ReporterCrosRoad95Assigned Toqaisjp 
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Summary0009643: [Request] Function to get content of server-id.keys

Every server has unique server-id.keys, function like getServerID() could read this value. This function should be protect by overwrite

Why i need this?
When i make script and i sell for friends, do not want that person to distribute it, so, at start script, server id is checked that its valid, if isnt, stop script. script is compiled

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2017-05-17 23:11

manager   ~~0025958

When someone could just comment out that part of the script..?


2017-05-17 23:41

reporter   ~~0025959

You could just as good use the encrypted server name as identifier i guess.


2017-05-18 09:00

viewer   ~~0025961

That could be useful for extra protection in compiled client scripts.


2017-05-18 14:15

administrator   ~~0025962

It's a secret key.

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