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0009589New issuesMapspublic2017-04-30 20:34
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Summary0009589: Water in Dimension 0 disapearing when warping to dimension 1, then back.

I've got a few hundred water planes in dimension 0 as part of a map and when I warp to dimension 1, then back to 0 all of the water disappears.

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Running latest build as of 09/04/17

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2017-04-16 19:11

viewer   ~~0025818



2017-04-16 23:42

administrator   ~~0025819

Would it be possible for you to provide a test resource?


2017-04-17 01:51

viewer   ~~0025823

Contains client code, but same result server and client sided.


2017-04-28 23:15

viewer   ~~0025859

Any news on this? I plan to have my server online tomorrow but if this issue remains it'll be a questionable at best launch.


2017-04-28 23:18

administrator   ~~0025860

Just so you know, even if this bug was fixed today, it's unlikely people can use it tomorrow unless everyone is using the nightly.


2017-04-28 23:33

viewer   ~~0025861

I'm aware of that, and I'm sorry if I'm being a tad impatient this just looks to be a semi-recently occurring bug that would likely put a huge stump to custom map projects that me (And likely plenty of others) are doing.


2017-04-30 20:27

manager   ~~0025878

One of the things you have to do when scripting on MTA is making hack fixes to fix this kind of thing. I've probably made over 100 hack fixes like this. You're just going to have to re-create the water if it's that much of a problem. Client side: constantly check dimension, delete and recreate when changes.


2017-04-30 20:34

viewer   ~~0025879

I found that with 200+ water planes (209 contained here) water functions go haywire thus I'm not able to create new water bits and the only way to fix is to reconnect trust me I've tried recreating them and what not. However, I did find that less water planes = no issues. So I guess I just need to ease off on the amount of water planes here. I think I'm likely hitting the water plane limit. because there's no way to delete SAs default water, only move it.

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