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0009588New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-06-28 21:30
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Summary0009588: search server by country

Sometimes i looking for english, polish etc servers i cant find all polish server becose not all server have "polski" in name, in config should be tag like <country></country> where i can put country flag eg. <country>PL,EN</country> and i can in browser find server by country

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2017-04-07 22:38

viewer   ~~0025803

or perhaps not by country, but the languages supported in the server as well, some servers could have 2 languages or have multiple languages translated


2017-04-08 08:19

viewer   ~~0025804

Server owners would abuse this by inserting every single country/language in their config. You should sort the servers by ping. The ones with the lowest ping are closest to your location.

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