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Summary0009561: Linux Server can't read files after a while

Linux Server can't read files after a while if many resources are reading/writing files. It's very random. The server fails to (re)start resources while this is happening. It says the resource restarted successfully, but it's like if the resource was empty. Also, SQLite stops working. The only way to fix this is to stop all resources using files.

Here's logs of what it does when it happens:

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2017-03-10 21:31

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I would guess a resource is opening too many files. To view the file handles, use these Linux commands:

Get the pid of the MTA server:
pidof mta-server
pidof mta-server64

Then enter the following, replacing ??? with the pid number:
ls -l /proc/???/fd


2017-03-11 01:29

viewer   ~~0025699

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